Etekcity USB 3.0 10-port hub review

I was sent one of these hubs by the manufacturer, Etekcity.


What do you get?

It is a 10-port USB 3.0 hub with an extra USB port that runs at 2.1A.
The main part of the hub, on top, features 9 of the USB 3.0 ports. Each group of 3 ports has an on/off button and each port has an LED that lights up when that port is in use. One end of the hub houses the 2.1A port and a further USB 3.0 port. The other end of the hub houses the output USB type B port and also the power socket.
The hub comes with a 12V power supply that delivers a healthy 4A to the unit.

Using the hub

I connected the hub to the Pi and plugged into the hub an HDMIPi (with Pi inside), a keyboard, mouse and wifi dongle. Everything powered up nicely but the devices I plugged in to be recognised by the Pi failed to work. I believe this has something to do with it being a USB 3.0 hub, or else it has a chipset that is incompatible. So, that was a bit disappointing. However, having said that I did use a normal port for the HDMIPi/Pi rather than the 2.1A port and it worked perfectly. So, I would say that it would be very good for powering multiple Pis at once, but not as a strict ‘hub’ for devices for the Pi. With the 4A power supply, you’ll probably be fine powering up to 5 Pis (depending on what was plugged into their USB ports) at once.

I then used the hub with my laptop in the same way – with a keyboard, mouse and wifi dongle plugged in. I’m happy to report that it worked plugged into both a USB 2.0 port and also a USB 3.0 port. All the devices were recognised and worked flawlessly.


For use with the Pi, the hub is really only useful for powering multiple Pis, rather than as a ‘proper’ hub. However, it does work as a hub with a normal PC or laptop.

You can buy the hub from Amazon for £32.88, currently. There is also a 10-port USB 2.0 hub for £23.49 which is more likely to work ‘properly’ with the Pi.

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