Adafruit UK Distributors

I don’t think many people can argue that there is any company doing more to support the breakout side of the Raspberry Pi than Adafruit.

To make sure I don’t have to keep looking the information up, here is a list of Adafruit UK distributors. Please note, I’m not endorsing them in any way, it’s just I follow their blog feeds and every other day they have a new product that is Pi-related so it seems a shame not to keep an eye on their UK distributors for some nice goodies!

Please also note that all these distributors often stock other non-Adafruit products, so browse around!

  • The Pi Hut (England) – Excellent range and will order what you like.
  • Pimoroni (England) – Great range available.
  • Makersify (England) – Excellent range and will order what you like.
  • 4tronix (England) – Average range, very good customer service.
  • Rapid Electronics (England) – Very good range.
  • Proto-Pic (Scotland) – good range
  • Hobbytronics (England) – not much here yet
  • (UK-wide) – more for the Arduino than Pi at the moment, but some stuff.
  • SKPang (England) – the ubiquitous supplier of many things Pi. Again, their stock is growing.
  • Cool Components (England) – average range of stock.
If anyone knows of any other likely sources of Pi bits (I need to come up with a different term for that… Raspberry Seeds?) then please let me know!

Use onboard LEDs to morse-code tap the IP address

>Suddenly occurred to me that if I can control one of the onboard LEDs of the Raspberry Pi, I should be able to get it to “tap” out the IP address of the Pi, which would be a great help when accessing it remotely. Might even be able to tap out some status messages… might need two LEDs to do that, but might still be able to do something cool. Hmmm… Web interface… 🙂

So, did a quick search and this post on the Foundation site came up:

Let the tinkering begin!