Foundation launches the App Store for Pi – PiStore

Interesting news over at the Foundation. They’ve released some software which acts as an ‘app store’ for the Raspberry Pi. It runs on X windows under Raspbian (whether it works on other distros is unclear) and allows download and upload (moderated) of apps and materials.

Good news for all Pi enthusiasts. Whether or not it becomes the one-stop-shop for apps remains to be seen. There are now many repositories on Github and many pieces of software available via the package manager. However, the convenience of having software that allows you to do this is great.

Introducing the Pi Store | Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi Storm Warning (SailNet)

I monitor a lot of things for posts related to the Raspberry Pi and this one popped up on my Google Search alerts. I decided to pitch into the conversation to point the poster in the right direction. Here’s the forum link:

Raspberry Pi Storm Warning – SailNet Community.

and here’s a link to the Adafruit Learning System page that deals with using a BMP085 barometric/temperature sensor: