Quick intro to BerryBoot on the #Raspberry Pi – boot multiple OSs – and opinion piece

I found a quick intro guide to using BerryBoot on the Pi. BerryBoot lets you choose which of the available images to install and boot from. You can choose at boot time which OS you want to run! Here’s a link to an article about it:

Raspberry Pi: Easily Boot Multiple Linux Distributions From The Same SD Card With BerryBoot

Or you can jump straight to BerryBoot itself and get started.

In my opinion, the best thing about BerryBoot is that you can choose to install and boot from a USB drive/stick. The SD card used in the Pi is easily swappable but that also makes it the weakest point in your set-up. Several times I’ve knocked the SD card, causing a fatal shut-down and corruption of the card. I’ve had to fix this using a method I previously documented. I’ve also heard stories of people dropping their Pi and damaging the SD card or the socket. Effectively booting and running from a much more robust pen drive seems like a great idea. Okay, you lose a USB socket, but that’s got to be better than losing all your data through damage to the delicate SD card. The main disadvantage to BerryBoot is that you need access to a keyboard/display to choose the boot image each time you start-up. No headless running with this method!

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