#RaspberryPi’s Eben Upton named as a Hero of Fortune 500

The Heroes of the Fortune 500 recognizes 50 employees of Fortune 500 companies that use their professional skills and expertise to actively participate in their local communities and they’ve chosen Eben Upton as one of them. Here’s an excerpt from the Fortune write-up:

Upton and his friends thought they might sell 10,000; through their foundation, they have sold more than 3 million worldwide, particularly in the U.S., Germany, and the U.K. It’s an empowering tool for children who are self-directed learners, says Upton. For kids who aren’t traditionally academic, he adds, computer programming “can be a ladder into a white-collar career.”

You can read more about the announcement on Broadcom’s blog and also read an excerpt from Fortune.

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