Potton Pi & Pints – nice write-up

On Saturday, Tim and I hosted a Raspberry Jam Doughnut in Potton – Potton Pi & Pints – at our local, The Rising Sun. It was Tim’s idea and it turned out to be very successful. We had between 30-40 people throughout the day in the upstairs room of the pub. We’d brought along 6 full Pi Workstations from the CamJam stock and set them up on tables along the wall, then just waited for people to arrive. We’d not organised any talks but we’d encouraged people to bring their stuff with them to have a hack or show off. We had an assortment of projects and we even had some kids turn up to have a go at Minecraft! Here’s a write-up and photographs from Richard Morris who brought his camera along to record what we hope will be a fairly regular excuse to get together with fellow Pi enthusiasts.

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