RasPi.TV launches new product range for the #RaspberryPi

Alex Eames, over at RasPi.TV, has today launched three products for the Raspberry Pi market under the RasPiO label. They are:

  • A port labels board (similar to other ones but nicely done) – it slips over the top of your GPIO pins to act as a handy reference.
  • The RasPiO Breakout (which breaks out the GPIO pins to both male and female headers)
  • The RasPiO Breakout Pro (which breaks out the GPIO to both male and female headers but protects the input/outputs with resistors to prevent you doing anything silly to blow up your Pi)

These look very good quality boards and Alex has clearly done a great job on designing them and bringing them to market.

He’s selling them through Cyntech and CPC. Prices on Cyntech are currently:

I can recommend these boards (I’ve got early versions of the Breakout and the port labels board and they really are cute, well designed, little boards) and the prices aren’t too bad either if it’s ‘just what you want’. Certainly takes the headache out of prototyping if you just want to stick a few things into the GPIO.

Alex has also done a video introducing the boards which you can see below:

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