#RaspberryPi DSI screen makes a splash at the Jamboree

Picture courtesy of Ben Nuttall via Twitter

The CPC stand at the Education Innovation conference where the Jamboree was co-located was fortunate enough to have available to view a brand new product from the Foundation. The brainchild of Gordon Hollingworth, it’s a 7″ screen for the Pi that plugs into the DSI port on the board (in an identical way to the method by which the PiCam is attached, just using the other port… I really must learn how to write English sentences that make sense sometime!)

Thanks to RasPi.TV, we know that it features the following:

  • 10 point capacitive touch.
  • 7 inch LCD
  • 800 x 480 pixels

Thanks to Gordon at a recent CamJam, we also know that there is the possibility of a 10″ version as well.

According to Liz Upton, they expect the screen to be available for around the $70/£50 mark, which is good value for a screen the size and quality that it is.

This shouldn’t, by the way, come as a disappointment to anyone who has ordered an HDMIPi. The resolution of the HDMIPi is higher, the screen is bigger and it comes with a surround/case.

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