Complete #RaspberryPi course from Intertech

Training company Intertech has been very generous and published the complete set of course materials from their Complete Raspberry Pi Training class.

Here are the segments:

  1. Set-up the Pi, install the operating system and get the training files onto the Pi.
  2. Learn some basic Linux commands, get into the X-windows GUI and safely shutdown the Pi.
  3. Learn to program in Java by writing a Hello World program.
  4. Create and run a Java Swing program under X-windows.
  5. Use a simple Java networking program to explore networking concepts.
  6. Use Java to play sounds on your Pi.
  7. Build a traffic light circuit on a breadboard and program it using Java.
  8. Connect a switch to a breadboard and read input using Java.
  9. Add a light sensor to a breadboard and use Java to read light levels.
  10. Connect a temperature sensor via breadboard to the Pi and use C to take readings.

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