Open Source Limelight brings streamed gaming to your #RaspberryPi

Limelight is a piece of open source software that lets you stream games from your home PC to your Raspberry Pi. Here’s what The Gadget Show has to say about it:

Limelight makes use of similar game streaming magic to the tech Nvidia has crammed into its Nvidia Shield handheld, only it’s an open source version, so it’s free to try out. In fact, thanks to a port called Limelight Pi you can run it on your Raspberry Pi too, so for around £25, you can now stream top notch new releases from your PC in one room to your TV in another, something Valve is working on for SteamOS to make up for the initial lack of games on its new Linux-based platform to begin with.

You can get the code for Limelight here and you can read more about it on The Gadget Show website.

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