Advantage vPi for the #RaspberryPi offers VMware toolbox

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Enterprise virtualisation solutions provider Xtravirt have developed a new Raspberry Pi SD card image download called Advantage vPi. Here’s what they say about it:

Advantage vPi is a complete VMware vSphere management toolbox solution in-a-box designed to run on a Raspberry Pi device. It acts as a highly lightweight and portable remote agent or client and contains over a dozen utilities and hundreds of reports, queries and functions, and is completely customisable and extensible.

Designed to get a myriad of tasks done quickly and efficiently, it has been developed by Xtravirt, and is being freely offered to the community for support and enhancement. For rapid ease of use it is provided as a downloadable image which can be immediately installed onto your own choice of Raspberry Pi device.

More information, including a complete list of features and a link to the image download is available from the Xtravirt website

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