Experimenting with the Easy Pulse and #RaspberryPi

As part of my Picorder project, I bought an Easy Pulse from Embedded Lab (via Elecrow). It’s a red PCB with a plugin fingertip sensor (see above). The example code you can download is in C and my Picorder code is in Python. Plus, their code does a lot of messing about with filtering and removing bits and pieces that I really couldn’t be bothered with. Most of theirs is to do with plotting the pulses on a graph as well, and I don’t need that. So, I wrote my own version in Python. I’m once again using the Key Lime Pi from Nwazet which is essentially an MCP3008 ADC slapped onto a Pi cobbler breakout board. (I’m being very ungenerous there – it’s a brilliant, brilliant product. You can buy it in the UK from Pimoroni).

Anyway, so we’ve got Fingertip sensor->Easy Pulse board->Key Lime Pi->Raspberry Pi. The Python code is available at:


I would have pasted it here but WordPress isn’t playing ball!


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