New Raspbian release includes Java and NOOBS v1.3 #raspberrypi

A much-improved and much-enlarged version of Raspbian is now the standard install for download from the Foundation’s site. The new release contains:

This last item adds masses to the distribution and so the install now requires a 4GB SD card. Hopefully not too many people will have 2GB cards that are rendered useless…

Plus! NOOBS 1.3 is now out of beta and includes the following:

  • Ability to install multiple OSes on a single card (presumably a big whopper of a card!)
  • Support for network installation of OSes from the Foundation’s repository
  • Multiple flavours of Raspbian including one which boots directly into Scratch.
  • Improved integration of language, keyboard and display settings between NOOBS and guest operating systems.

The distros are available to download, as usual, from the Foundation website.

New Raspbian release, and NOOBS v1.3 goes gold | Raspberry Pi.

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