Dave Akerman prepares the High-Altitude Babbage Bear / #RaspberryPi flight!

Updated: Added link at the bottom to tracking info

Dave Akerman is planning a Sunday, 11th August midday launch for his latest high-altitude balloon flight. This time, he will be releasing a payload with a separate parachute at 39,000 metres. The payload is one ‘Bionic Babbage’ bear, pictured below.

He hopes to replicate the famous Felix Baumgartner skydive with Babbage and hopefully take video of the drop using the inbuilt Raspberry Pi camera module.

Having met Babbage and Dave at the last Cambridge Raspberry Jam, I truly hope that the little guy makes it safely to Earth and wish him a soft landing and speedy recovery.

Bionic Babbage prepares for Ted Bull Stratos Flight | Dave Akerman

Read Dave’s full article on his preparations and aims for the flight

To help with tracking, or to follow the payload and the chase car, please refer to this post on Dave’s website.

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