Find out who is ringing your doorbell by email with a #RaspberryPi

Raspberry Pi email/SMS doorbell notifier + picture of the person ringing it | Martin's corner on the web

Martin over at has hacked into a wireless doorbell and used his Raspberry Pi to take a picture of the person ringing the doorbell and then sending an email notification, including the picture. This project requires some soldering and electronics knowledge but is a neat way of showing how the Pi can do some fairly simple home automation. Perhaps a further improvement could be made by using a Pi’s camera module? Read more here

2 comments for “Find out who is ringing your doorbell by email with a #RaspberryPi

  1. 13 January 2015 at 7:56 am

    IR night vision The door bell phone support IR night vision.
    This is especially important if you are handing over one of the paint brushes to your kid.
    Remember to keep a record of the business and the number for future reference.

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