Google’s Global IT Challenge awards £500,000 to #RaspberryPi Rhino project

Google gives £500,000 to project using camera traps to help save Rhinos - Gadgets & Tech - Life & Style - The Independent

The “people’s choice” award of the Global IT Challenge, which aims to award innovative uses of technology that “tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges”, has been awarded to the Zoological Society of London. The £500,000 prize will go a long way to funding the project which aims to curb the illegal poaching of rhinos in Kenya.

The project will deploy a series of ‘camera traps’ in the Tsavo National Park to capture images of poachers and listen out for gunshots. The traps will transmit their findings to park rangers who will be able to respond quickly.

The camera traps are powered by Raspberry Pis.

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