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I don’t think many people can argue that there is any company doing more to support the breakout side of the Raspberry Pi than Adafruit.

To make sure I don’t have to keep looking the information up, here is a list of Adafruit UK distributors. Please note, I’m not endorsing them in any way, it’s just I follow their blog feeds and every other day they have a new product that is Pi-related so it seems a shame not to keep an eye on their UK distributors for some nice goodies!

Please also note that all these distributors often stock other non-Adafruit products, so browse around!

  • The Pi Hut (England) – Excellent range and will order what you like.
  • Pimoroni (England) – Great range available.
  • Makersify (England) – Excellent range and will order what you like.
  • 4tronix (England) – Average range, very good customer service.
  • Rapid Electronics (England) – Very good range.
  • Proto-Pic (Scotland) – good range
  • Hobbytronics (England) – not much here yet
  • (UK-wide) – more for the Arduino than Pi at the moment, but some stuff.
  • SKPang (England) – the ubiquitous supplier of many things Pi. Again, their stock is growing.
  • Cool Components (England) – average range of stock.
If anyone knows of any other likely sources of Pi bits (I need to come up with a different term for that… Raspberry Seeds?) then please let me know!

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