8 comments for “#RaspberryPi model A powered from 2 AAA batteries

  1. Ive just ordered a DC to DC converter off ebay for £1.63 to give this a go. Brilliant video thanks.

    • Looks like they’ve completely closed their channel. Weirdness.
      Basically, they took a 2-AAA battery pack and found that it fit in the gap right over the processor. They turned it upside down and mounted it to the top half of a ModMyPi case which means that they were then able to get that top half on, producing a portable unit. They used a little converter to control the voltage and then plugged it in to the GPIO.

    • Oh hey! No problem – was just surprised when it disappeared. I’ll update the embedded video 🙂 Great idea by the way – just a great piece of tinkering.

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