Running a MUD on a group of #RaspberryPi boards

MUDs, federation and multiple Raspberry Pi boards | Raspberry Alpha Omega

Frank, over at Raspberry Alpha Omega, is thinking about running a MUD (Multi User Dungeon) across a ‘federation’ of Raspberry Pi servers. He’s written a great article on a possible approach and his reasons for doing so. Read the article here

Duncan Jauncey has previously published a post on his blog about a Java-powered MUD he is running on one of his Pis. Read more here

It’s inspired me to look into the possibility of compiling and running a different type of MUD, a MUSH on the Pi. Stay tuned!

3 comments for “Running a MUD on a group of #RaspberryPi boards

  1. Now you have pointed me at the concept of MUSH, which I had somehow managed to avoid encountering before.

    A multi-player, collaborative, creative textual environment which includes its own meta language for extending the environment. Now I feel compelled to join together the work I’m doing on new languages for Raspberry Pi programming with distributed textual games. D’oh.

    • It’ll be interesting to see who comes up with what. I used to play a Star Trek MUSH (years ago) that’s still going so I’m going to see if their source is available. Probably have to build it on the Pi (cross compiling is still a mystery to me – not the concept, the actual doing of it) which should be… interesting…

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