The #RaspberryPi Tricorder – the PiPodCorder

This project has been in progress since I first received my Raspberry Pi last July. Until now, I just haven’t had the time to record video.

The PiPodCorder is a Pi/Arduino combination taking readings from 2 temperature sensors, a hall-effect magnetism sensor and an ultrasonic distance sensor which it then displays, with the aid of a Python script, on an LCD display. The Pi also displays it’s own IP address(es) which can come in useful sometimes!

Here is a list of components:

  • Raspberry Pi Model B 512MB (although it would likely run on a 256MB)
  • Dreamer Nano v4 (Arduino Leonardo clone from
  • PiPlate prototyping board
  • Edimax wifi dongle
  • TMP102 temperature sensor
  • SR-04 Ultrasonic distance sensor
  • Light-resistant resistor
  • MCP9700 active thermistor
  • AL1302EUA-T Hall effect sensor
  • A HD44780-type LCD
  • Stripboard

The scripts for the PiPodCorder are held on my GitHub redwing-pi repository. The main driver Python script is

This project is also detailed on my project page at Ryan Walmsley’s site, which is a fantastic place to add your own Pi project.

Here’s a photograph of the PiPodCorder:


For a walkthrough of the components watch the following video:

See the device in action below:

I will be posting more technical details of the inner workings, code and such like, in the next week, so keep an eye on the blog using the RSS feed or subscribe via email at the top of the screen.

All the articles about, or related to, the PiPodCorder are available here.

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