Competitions – win a blue #RaspberryPi and a Camera Module

Two exciting competitions have been launched this week.

The first is to win one of 1,000 blue Raspberry Pis (pictured below). To win one of these, you must come up with an idea of what you would do with a blue Pi and tweet it to RS Components. More information, and full instructions on how to enter can be found on the RS Components website.

The second competition is to win one of 10 early production camera modules. Again, to win one of these you need to come up with an idea of how you would use one. The Foundation is running this competition and they are particularly interested in any application that will stretch the capabilities of the camera. More information about how to enter is available here. The Foundation have graciously put aside one of the camera modules for Dave Ackerman whose high altitude balloon flights have been a shining example of the kind of thing you can do with a Raspberry Pi. The Foundation, in their competition post, have also stated that they expect to have production models to sell in April.


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