Pibow launches #RaspberryPi Model A case

I guess it was only a matter of time before cases for the Model A started to be produced, and it’s not surprise that Pibow are the first.

This is a “slimmer, cheaper, more accessible Pibow” with various new openings and, most importantly, a reduction in the number of layers from 9 to 6 (thanks to the single USB and lack of ethernet port). This is a very svelte little case, though at £28 it’s very pricey. and at £8.50 it’s very cheap. You can get a Model A with case for £28. (Thanks to Andrew Oakley for spotting my mistake!)

Click here to see more details and, possibly, buy a case.

This is a very nice case for less than £10. It will be interesting to see what price the SB Components Model A case comes out at – I rated their Model B case at 9/10 in a previous post (no I’m not on their payroll, I just really like their case!)

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