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All my RSS news feeds are now available as an aggregated feed. Subscribe here.

More information below!

First off, if you don’t know what an RSS feed or reader is…

  • An RSS feed is essentially a webpage containing summaries of, for example, blog posts. The RSS feed is ‘subscribed’ to using a ‘reader’, which is a piece of software for reading these summaries.
  • The reader software can be online, or on your PC/Mac/etc. The one I use is Google Reader at www.google.com/reader
  • An ‘aggregated feed’ effectively turns several RSS feeds into a single RSS feed.

After much deliberation and a fair amount of hunting through software, I’ve decided to publish my 135 RSS feeds as an aggregated feed. This means that if you subscribe to the aggregated feed, as I add more sites to the aggregated feed, you will start to see these new sites appear in your reader.

To subscribe, use the following URL in your RSS reader


This is a public folder of feeds from my Google Reader account presented using Google’s own interface (which I really had to search around for… talk about long-winded!)

If you know of any sites that publish good, informative news, tutorials, tips and/or experiences with the Raspberry Pi, please add a comment to this post and I will make sure that it’s added.

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