MiniPiio from Zuzebox

Yet another couple of add-on boards, but these look very interesting.

MiniPiio « Zuzebox’s Blog Buy from Tindie

The L293D board:

This is a DC Motor controller using the venerable L293D from ST (and others). The L293D is dual H-Bridge driver capable of driving 36V DC and 600mA per H-Bridge.

The MiniPiio Relay2 board:


A simple two relay DPCO board. Either of the relays can be selected from 8 off the GPIO pins from the Raspberry Pi expansion header.

There’s also an RS232 board and at least another one, but the site is done as a blog so it’s a little difficult to just see a list, let alone spot where to buy from.

Will edit this post later if I can find more info!

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  1. 29 July 2014 at 10:49 am

    Hi Michael

    Just discovered your post about my blog, thanks for checking out my stuff.

    If anyone is interested I sell the boards and kits etc. on tindie, details here:


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