Make your own Ghostbuster PKE Meter prop using a Raspberry Pi and SenseHAT

Starscream205 on Instructables has written up this great handheld, battery-powered project. It is a PKE Meter, popularised in the movie (and cartoon) Ghostbusters. Made out of Raspberry Pi 3B+, a SenseHAT, a night-vision camera (with IR lights) and a 3.5″ low-resolution monitor, the PKE Meter is, of course, “just” a prop, but it looks cool and takes pictures at the click of a button. The 3D-printed case makes it look the part! With a little bit more work using the SenseHAT’s sensors and the feed from the camera, you could take it even further if you wanted to.

You can read all about it on Instructables.

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