Autonomous driving object detection on the Raspberry Pi using OpenCV, TensorFlow Lite and deep learning

Ethan Dell is a full-time computer vision engineer who enjoys developing and experimenting with the Raspberry Pi. He has documented a great method of using the Pi (in this case, a Raspberry Pi 4) to do object detection when driving at speed. He has accomplished this by using OpenCV, so-called “deep learning” and TensorFlow Lite together with Python to take pictures from a Camera Module and identify road traffic objects while driving along. Just to keep things real, he’s attached everything to an empty tissue box, proving you don’t need a complicated case for it to go in. The results are outstanding and you can see how the detection gets better the closer the objects get to the driver.

You can read a tutorial on how to do it on GitHub here, view a deeper look at the “learning” methodology here and you can also learn about the project and see the results by watching the video below.

Look out for more from Ethan in the future over on his blog, which he’s just started up and which will grow as his experiments with the Pi expand.

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