New micro:bit v2 is now available to purchase

Photo from Pimoroni

I previously announced the upcoming launch of the new micro:bit v2. I’m pleased to say that the board is now available to purchase! The micro:bit v2 features:

  • An integrated speaker
  • An integrated MEMS-type microphone
  • A new capacitive touch button built into the main logo on the front
  • A new sleep mode to enable low power consumption when not in use
  • A new processor (nRF52833)
  • The flash memory has been doubled to 512kb
  • The RAM has been increased to 512kb (an 8x improvement!)
  • The ability for add-on boards to draw up to 200mA current
  • A new “notched” edge connector to allow crocodile clips to connect more securely.

You can currently buy the board for around £13.50 from Pimoroni and from okdo. Other resellers will no doubt be online in the next week or so.

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