Linux Air Combat – flight simulator running on the Raspberry Pi 4

Linux Air Combat looks like a great flight simulator, but it has previously struggled to be installed and run on the Raspberry Pi. Lack of processor speed and memory has meant that the Pi hasn’t quite been up to the challenge. Now, great news from B Bosen who has reported on the Raspberry Pi Forums that LAC works on the 4GB Raspberry Pi 4. You can watch a video of the simulator in action below:

If you’d like to install it and have a go yourself, you can find out how to do it on the video below:

An installer for the Pi 4 is available here and you can find out tonnes of information about the software on the author’s website.

It sounds, according to this page, that you might run into dependency issues, so feel free to comment below as to what you’ve experienced and how you’ve solved them (if you did!)

Big thanks to Simon Walters on Twitter for spotting this on the forums!

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