Lorraine Underwood hacks vintage-style telephones with Raspberry Pis to create an intercom system

Lorraine Underwood has entered the Element14 #badass Women Makers and Engineers Contest with this great hack of a couple of vintage-style telephones from Amazon. She removed the plate on the bottom of the telephones and fitted a Raspberry Pi. She then did a lot of exploratory work with a breadboard, electrical chocolate blocks and LEDs to find out which button did what. She then used Mumble server and client installations to do the software part. The audio input/output to/from the Raspberry Pis was done with USB sound adapters (after which a lot of messing about with config files was necessary!) You can follow Lorraine’s post on Element14 here. The code for the project is on GitHub and you can watch an excellent 20-minute video about the project below:

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