Building a quadruped robot using a Raspberry Pi 4 (and approx $900!)

A group of students at the Stanford University Student Robotics group have developed a lightweight, open source quadruped robot design. They’ve called it the Pupper and it runs from a Raspberry Pi 4. The cost for the Pupper is between $600 and $900, depending on the quantities involved. The best part of it is that they have extensively documented the build process over on their website. From there, you can find a bill of materials, build instructions, CAD models and PCB designs and they have released all the code necessary on GitHub. A quick video of the Pupper is below:

If walking robots is your thing, you might also be interested in one of this year’s Pi Wars entrants: Spot Puppy, designed and built by Josh and Jeremy Pattman which you can see below. I know which I think is cuter :p


2 comments for “Building a quadruped robot using a Raspberry Pi 4 (and approx $900!)

  1. Hi
    I’m glad to see that you will still be covering Raspberry Pi, I was a little concerned that it would be left to fall a little by the wayside with all the potential other new sources available.
    Still following many years after I first found your blog.

    • Hi Greg. Nah, first love is still the Pi, just recognising that sometimes it’s not the answer to everything. Still going to cover the Pi, but everything might be a bit sporadic!

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