My very first micro:bit post – a work-in-progress resources page!

Here goes… my first micro:bit post. 🙂

I asked on Twitter whether there were any blogs out there for the micro:bit. I was sent a few links to various different sites (although, curiously, very few with an RSS feed that would help me track changes/new stuff easily!).

I’ve collected everything I’ve found so far onto this page. This is just the start – I expect to add to it as I go along, so feel free to contact me if there are any resources that are particularly good. What I’m not going to do is to replicate, in its entirety, Carlos’ excellent work over on GitHub. He’s got a huge head-start on me, so I’ll just link there for now.

3 comments for “My very first micro:bit post – a work-in-progress resources page!

  1. Thanks for the Blog post support.
    Hope it moves a few people on from Blocks to Python and Mu, which I think is really helpful in the transition to a Secondary school level of coding.

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