EMF Camp mobile GSM network powered by Raspberry Pis

A couple of weeks ago, it was announced that the EMF Camp badge for this year would be a fully-enabled GSM mobile phone. EMF Camp set-up their own GSM/mobile network for the badges to work on and each of the 16 base stations were run on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with a LimeSDR Mini attached. As it turns out, for most of the time of the event, the system didn’t work, but you have to admire their ambition! Addendum: it apparently was working, it was just a problem with some of the badges. Take a look in the comments to read more about this. Read more about the project over at Hackaday.

2 comments for “EMF Camp mobile GSM network powered by Raspberry Pis

  1. Slight correction, The network was generally working well for most of the event, we had an outage of a few base stations on the Friday evening but that was fixed fairly quickly.
    The issue was mainly with the GSM part of the Badge which had RF issues so wasn’t able to attach to the network for most of the event, some attendees got extra sim cards from our desk and had their phones on the network for most of the weekend.
    (I built and ran the network)

    • Ahhhh. Thanks for clarification, Sam. I’ll edit it. 🙂 Loved the event by the way. And the ambition to have the badge as a mobile phone was wonderful! 🙂

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