Build your own weather station with a Raspberry Pi with this tutorial from the Foundation

It’s always good to see the Raspberry Pi Foundation create new resources, and this is a particularly good one because of the size and scope of the project involved.

Those of you with good memories will remember the launch of the Foundation/Oracle Weather Station project which looked to supply schools and other groups with one of their Weather Station kits. Despite many calls for this kit to be put on sale, the Foundation were oddly reluctant. However, they’ve now come up with a way for you spin-your-own by buying the components and constructing the necessary circuits yourself.

Two methods are described: one soldered, the other solderless. The components used are very similar to the ones used in the Oracle project and the full bill of materials is listed.

Unfortunately for UK people, some of these are in the States, so expect a hefty shipping bill (the cheapest for me was $35, which is about half the price of the kit itself) for the main sensors!

It’s a great tutorial from the team and you can see the whole thing on their Projects site.

3 comments for “Build your own weather station with a Raspberry Pi with this tutorial from the Foundation

  1. A nice project and yes shipping is a bit of a KO factor.

    I have no idea why the RPI foundation did not continue the very popular project for outside schools. I cannot quite follow their philosophy on that one. So many people were interested in getting a kit and the RPi let them down.

  2. I agree, at the very least publish the hat circuit so that the spirit of open source is kept!

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