New AIY Project kits coming to the Raspberry Pi – US now, UK later

Google has launched new versions of its two AIY Projects kits, but only to the US first of all.

The new kits come with a bundled Raspberry Pi Zero WH (that’s the pre-soldered version) and an SD card with the software installed, making life a lot easier.

The Vision kit, which moves to version 1.2 after a rather shaky start, also comes with a Pi Camera Module.

Also worth noting is an update and improvement to the documentation over at Google.

The AIY Voice kit, of course, started out as a MagPi giveaway before going on sale.

You can buy the Voice Kit v2 over on Target for $49 and Vision Kit v1.2 from the same store for $90.

You can expect them to hit UK stores in the Summer, according to Billy Rutledge, Google’s Director of AIY Projects.

Thanks to The MagPi for the tip – you can read more over there.

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    • The original is much better in terms of the extra hardware IMHO – the full-sized HAT has a lot of ‘extra bits’ like servo control. The new version drops a lot of that.

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