Buying SD cards for your Raspberry Pi on eBay – a cautionary tale

Matt Hawkins, over at Raspberry Pi Spy, has written a great article on the dangers of buying microSD cards from eBay. There are numerous scammers out there selling fake SD cards and Matt has identified, and reported, one such seller. With a little vigilance, it’s clear that the problem is pretty widespread, from not being delivered from the correct location, to corrupt cards, to cards pretending to be high capacity or high speed when they’re just not. You can read more here but the TL;DR summary is: Don’t buy them from eBay. Why take the risk? To save a couple of quid? If you’re in the UK, I recommend getting SanDisk Ultra microSD cards from Amazon – 16GB and 32GB.

2 comments for “Buying SD cards for your Raspberry Pi on eBay – a cautionary tale

  1. Harry
    11 April 2018 at 8:44 pm

    I have never received a working SD card from ebay. I’ve bought 12 and got all my money back. I’ve never received a failed card from MicroCenter. They all work exactly as advertised. I will never buy another SD card on ebay.

  2. Tony Goodhew
    12 April 2018 at 11:23 am

    I only get them from Amazon or Ebuyer. Never had a duff one.

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