Code 4 Africa – help spread computing and the Raspberry Pi to Zimbabwe

Young Michael Tennant from Potton, Bedfordshire is hoping to take the Raspberry Pi and computing education to Zimbabwe! Born in Zimbabwe, Michael hasn’t been back since he moved to the UK aged 2. He is now 16 and has been programming since he was 10 – he now wants to share his knowledge and skills with school and orphanage children in his home country. He intends to leave some Raspberry Pi kits with the schools so they can continue their computing journey after he leaves. He is currently trying raise funds for the trip to enable him to get there, survive whilst out there and buy the necessary computer kits. If you can help in any way, please head over to his GoFundMe page.

I’ve known Michael for a while, living in the same town, and he’s an enthusiastic young programmer who I believe has a lot to offer less privileged kids in Zimbabwe. Please help if you can! 🙂

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