Control 12V RGB LED strips from your Raspberry Pi with the ANAVI Light pHAT

Leon Anavi has just launched his latest crowdfunding campaign. This time, he’s created a Zero-sized ‘pHAT’ that allows you to control 12V RGB LED strips from your Raspberry Pi. Also on board are 3 x I2C breakouts to allow you to connect up I2C sensors, which means that you can make your LEDs change depending on environmental conditions such as light, temperature, humidity, etc. Pledges for the board start at $25 (with free Worldwide shipping) with various kits also available, starting at $35, which include the LED strip itself. You can pledge for the board or one of the kits on Crowdsupply.

Leon’s had successful campaigns before and his product quality is always excellent. I think he’s on to a winner with this one. He’s sent me and Tim a couple of samples so we hope to be able to give you an opinion review before the campaign finishes in 40 days time.

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