Witty Pi 2 – power management board for the Raspberry Pi – an Average Man review

Richard Saville (Average Man) has been busy for the past 13 months, what with his new house and new baby. Well, he’s back with a review of the UUGear Witty Pi 2. This power management board has:

  • an on-off switch for the Raspberry Pi
  • power scheduling for turning the Pi on and off at specific times
  • a real-time clock for keeping the scheduler, and the Pi, to time

You can read the (sparkling) review here. You can buy the Witty Pi 2 directly from UUGear (around £17 or $23).

Welcome back, Mr Average!

Oh, by-the-by, you can read my review of the original Witty Pi here. It seems, from Richard’s review, that the Witty Pi 2 has addressed the only concern I had – that of the need for a proper GUI to set-up the scheduler.

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