New products bonanza for the Raspberry Pi from The Pi Hut

Over at The Pi Hut, they’ve just launched a selection of new products. All designed by Raspberry Pi alumni Rachel Rayns, it’s great to see The Pi Hut produce it’s own unique products, and hopefully there will be even more over time. So, here they are:

  • ZeroView Mini – a smaller version of the ZeroView attach-your-camera-to-a-window board – £5.
  • Status Board pHAT – a Zero-form-factor board containing 3 white strips that you can write on with a dry-wipe marker and accompanying red and green LEDs to indicate the status of each item – £5.
  • Status Board Pro – a larger version of the Status Board pHAT with 5 dry-wipe strips and LEDs as well as space for tactile buttons (available separately) on the end of each strip – £6.

These are all in addition to the fabulous Christmas Tree pre-order announced the other day that has already been vastly successful with over 1200 sold!

Lovely ideas with very practical applications.

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