Ryanteck Ltd shutting up shop after several years in the Raspberry Pi community

I’ve just received sad news. After several years of operating in the commercial arena of the Raspberry Pi, Ryanteck Ltd is closing down. Ryan Walmsley, proprietor, just announced it via email. Ryan has been a leader of the Pi community, especially in the early days when he was a young programmer showing what the Pi could really do and developing one of the first motor controller boards that plugged directly into the GPIO pins. In recent times, he ran several Kickstarters culminating in the excellent RTk.GPIO board which gave you access to many more GPIO pins as well as bringing physical computing to PCs and Macs. Over the next few months, Ryan will be running a closing down sale so head over to his web store to pick up a bargain. He’s expecting to cease trading at the end of October.

2 comments for “Ryanteck Ltd shutting up shop after several years in the Raspberry Pi community

  1. 21 August 2017 at 11:20 pm

    Such a shame. Ryan has done a lot in the Pi community.
    I wish him every success in his next endeavour.

  2. 22 August 2017 at 11:44 am

    Whilst it is a big shame to see Ryanteck-the-company go, it is going for some really positive reasons. Not only is his own PAT company taking off, but he’s doing a university course. And Ryan-the-person will still be around in the Pi community.

    I employ a fair few university sandwich placement students, and they’re almost always brilliant. By July we often feel we can’t live without them. The temptation is to offer them a permanent job immediately, and for them to not do their final year. That would certainly be the right thing to do for the short-term business, but for the long-term future of both the student and the tech skills market in general, I encourage people to finish their degrees.

    So, Ryan – thanks for everything, good luck with the new business, and keep up with your Uni course!

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