Company happiness tracker uses a Raspberry Pi, LEDs and buttons

Katja Budnikov works for a company (shopping24) that has the occasional two-day hackfest where employees get to play around with new technology and come up with non-work related projects. (Sounds like fun!) For the current round of hacking, Katja’s team used a Raspberry Pi, some buttons and LEDs to construct a box which would allow employees to indicate how happy they are on a particular day. The buttons trigger the illumination of LEDs in the shape of a ‘tick’ and also send messages to Graphite, a web-based app which stores and graphs results. The code to do it is written in Python with a healthy dose of GPIO Zero thrown in for good measure. If your German is good, you can read Katja’s account of the project here or alternatively run it through Google Translate for the EnglishThanks to Hackaday for spotting this one.

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