Big upcoming events from the Raspberry Pi Foundation in 2018

Big Birthday Weekend – 3rd-4th March

Interesting news from Ben Nuttall over at the Raspberry Pi Foundation this morning. For the 6th Birthday of the Raspberry Pi, the intention is to hold synchronised Raspberry Jams all over the world. On the weekend of 3rd-4th March, Raspberry Pi is calling for Jams to be held so that we can all celebrate the birthday at the same time. This is a fairly brave move by the Foundation to get the community involved but I think it’s a really interesting idea, especially if some live link-ups can be worked out. Obviously, there is some crossover (in terms of people) between Jams in proximity to each other, so that’s a small thing to be worked out.

Big Cambridge Summer Event – 30th June-1st July

The other piece of news that’s been released is that the traditional two-day event run by the Foundation will be in early Summer, specifically 30th June-1st July. Where this will be held has yet to be announced, but there are several venues in Cambridge that would suffice. It’ll be interesting to see if the new date flummoxes people or if it allows more people to attend!

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