Colour-coded GPIO pin headers and new ZeroCams for the Raspberry Pi Zero from The Pi Hut

Jamie from The Pi Hut has been in touch about some new products he’s launched today and I thought I’d pass the info on.

Colour-coded GPIO header

First up, we have a colour-coded GPIO 40-pin header for the Raspberry Pi Zero. Taking it’s inspiration from the Asus Tinker Board, the header is colour-coded for 5V, 3V3, Ground and do-not-connect. They’re selling for a very tempting £1 each and are ideal if you want to brighten up your Zero with something a little functional. Take a look on The Pi Hut here.

ZeroCams – cameras for the Raspberry Pi Zero

There are small cameras for the Pi Zero out already, but The Pi Hut has gone that bit further by bringing out three (count em!) cameras on the same day.

The first is a regular 5MP camera, the second is a NoIR camera (suitable for night-time or low-light conditions) and the third is a spiffing fisheye camera for when you need an extra wide angle. As far as I know, this is the first Pi camera specifically for the Zero with a fisheye lens (it also comes with a lens cap). The cameras are presented in lovely hard plastic boxes with magnetic closures, which means that storing them is much less risky than ye olde anti-static bags. All the cameras sell for £15 which is a lot cheaper than the full-size camera module. Of course, they sport fewer mega-pixels, but if you want something tiny and cheap, they’re absolutely ideal.

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