Weather forecasting cloud has a Raspberry Pi Zero W at its core

My apologies for the lack of updates recently. I had a bit of a health problem involving a medication imbalance and it meant I couldn’t concentrate on anything but the bare essentials. I’ve also been busy rehearsing for a new musical called Cloud at Sharnbrook Mill Theatre in Bedfordshire. It goes on next week, so my mind has been otherwise occupied! 🙂 I’m rather chuffed to be able to bring you this not-unrelated post!

Kirby has created this lovely weather-forecasting cloud from a Raspberry Pi Zero W. The cloud is made from wood and houses the Pi Zero W a strip of Neopixel-like LEDs. The software uses the Yahoo Weather API to collect data and then changes the colour of the LEDs accordingly. It’s a lovely project and you can read more about it over on Instructables.

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