Candy Dispenser powered by a Raspberry Pi and an AIY projects kit

The hunt for the fabled issue #57 of The MagPi continues for many people. Rumours from the deep dark indicate that The Pi Hut had some… but then all was lost. Sold out within 20 minutes. The legend… continues…

For those of us who have managed to get hold of the Google AIY Projects kit that came with The MagPi, it’s been a fun project with a lot of possibility for expansion. Someone called “The Arduino Guy” has taken the kit and extended it with an Arduino MEGA and a Particle Photon to make a candy dispenser. A wooden case holds all the components, which also include an LCD display. You press a button (or clap your hands) and command the machine to dispense candy. A short countdown later and out pop M&M-type sweets into your waiting cup. A great use of the kit (although I’m pretty sure it could be done more simply, and just with a Raspberry Pi without using the other boards). Read how to do it yourself here and see it in action below:

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