QuadCopter with the #RaspberryPi – SkySpy

Interesting first-look at a project by Andy at PiStuffing. This is a quad-copter controlled by a Raspberry Pi. Eventually, he wants to add a second Pi as a controller. The blades are spinning at the moment, but he has yet to achieve take-off. I feel lots of maths coming on as he tries to work out how to stabilise it. Eventually it will also use the long-awaited Raspberry Pi camera.

Presenting the SkySpy | PiStuffing.

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  1. I wander if RPi has modules to build drone for every component: just plug in, no wire or significantly reduced. that would make assembly easy, programming, testing…Initially I thought about RPi cluster but still is huge. Does RPi have electronics, nano electronics for insect drones?

    • I suppose you could built an insect drone with a Raspberry Pi Zero, which is as small as it gets. You would then need a motor controller board and a battery pack. It’s unlikely that you’ll get as small as you want though.

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