New learning resources from the Raspberry Pi Foundation – GUIs! Theremin! Umm… Poo!

Every now and then, I review the Raspberry Pi learning resources page to find out what they’ve been working on. Today is one of those days!

Getting Started with GUIs

One of Laura‘s pet projects is GUI Zero, a wrapper for GUI library tkinter that has been designed to make it easier for kids (and, frankly, adults) to use! She’s now written a series of worksheets for the Foundation that use GUI Zero to create simple GUI interfaces. Take a look here.

Ultrasonic Theremin

Another resource. This time using an ultrasonic sensor to create a theremin. The Python script plugs into a (running) Sonic Pi session to create the sounds. Ingenious! Take a look here.

Poo Near You!

Here’s an interesting, and slightly disgusting, resource that will likely appeal to all kids who giggle whenever poo is mentioned. Tapping into Nottingham City Council’s open data source, this resource allows you to plot on a map the locations where people have been fined for dog fouling. It’s an interesting use of external ‘big data’, certainly, and you can take a look here.

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