Raspberry Pi-powered pi-top weekend workshop at Malvern College – 11th-12th April

Cat Lamin is running a two day workshop for teachers at Malvern College in Worcestershire in conjunction with pi-top as part of ATI 2017 (Advanced Teacher Institute). The workshop, which costs £225 ex VAT but including accommodation, runs from 11th-12th April. The first day is a Raspberry Pi extravaganza with sessions on physical computing and Minecraft hacking. The second day is more of a drop-in session using the pi-top where teachers can get used to using both the hardware and software on offer, in the shape of pi-topOS. Each teacher will be using a pi-topCEED during the workshop.

If you’ve not heard of Cat before, here’s some information about her (she’s generally awesome, actually!):

Former primary school teacher and real-life geek girl, Cat is enthusiastic about getting teachers and children interested in coding and computing. She is a Raspberry Pi Certified Educator, CAS Master Teacher and Google Certified Educator.

If you’re interested in this workshop, head over to ATI and choose the pi-top option from their registration page. Alternatively, read more about the workshop in this PDF.

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