Live Webcam running on a #RaspberryPi / @Raspberry_Pi

I wanted, as part of a new project, to be able to stream live video from my Pi to the internet.

I followed some tutorials. First of all, I wanted to get my Webcam (a little XBox Live Cam) working. So, I followed Calin Crisan’s PiEye post on his blog. An English translation via Google can also be viewed.

Secondly, I followed Rhys Streefland’s tutorial on creating a small, fast web server using nGinx. I had to follow an instruction in the comments of that blog post in order to get my set-up working correctly.

Next, I followed my own tutorial on setting up a domain name so that it was easily accessible from the outside world.

The results can be seen by visiting The website won’t always be up as I’m continuing to experiment.

If the webcam is up, hopefully the image will be displayed below and you’ll get a lovely live stream of my dog, Max, as he luxuriates on his chair!

I’m also going to display the live picture on my blog, just for the hell of it.


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