New MeArm Pi for the Raspberry Pi is a real attention grabber

A couple of years ago, Ben Gray ran a highly successful Kickstarter campaign for the MeArm – a robotic arm. Now, he’s teamed up with Ben Pirt to form Mime Industries. They are now running their own Kickstarter for the next generation of the MeArm – specifically designed to work with the Raspberry Pi. The new version comes in blue or orange (you pick this later) and features a special HAT which sits on top of the Pi and provides two joysticks for control. The MeArm Pi is simpler and comes with pre-calbrated servos, saving you that hassle, and is available from their Kickstarter page. Currently (for the next few hours), you can get hold of one for the bargain price of £40 before it rises to the ‘proper’ price of £60. So, head over to the MeArm campaign page to find out more or watch the video below.

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